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Can increase the resistance value of the tensioner
May 04, 2018

In order to maintain the proper belt tension during actual use, the tensioner needs a certain torque to avoid belt slip, compensation of belt wear and elongation caused by aging. When the belt tensioner is running, the moving belt may excite vibration in the tensioner, causing premature wear of the belt and the tensioner. For this purpose, add a resistance mechanism to the tensioner. However, because there are many parameters affecting the tensioner's torque and resistance, the influence of each parameter is not the same, so the relationship between the components of the tensioner and the torque and resistance is very complicated. Torque changes directly affect the changes in resistance, and are the main factors affecting resistance. The main factor affecting torque is the parameters of the torsion spring. Appropriately reduce the torsion spring diameter, can increase the resistance value of the tensioner.

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