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Durability and running smoothness
May 04, 2018

The main body of the camshaft is a cylindrical rod that is approximately the same length as the cylinder block. Above the set of several cams, used to drive the valve. The camshaft is journalled in the camshaft bearing bore through the camshaft, so the number of camshaft journals is an important factor affecting the camshaft support stiffness. If the camshaft is not rigid enough, bending deformation will occur during operation, affecting timing of the valve.

The side of the cam is egg-shaped. The purpose of its design is to ensure adequate intake and exhaust of the cylinder. In addition, taking into account the durability of the engine and the smoothness of operation, the valve cannot be excessively impacted due to the acceleration and deceleration processes during the opening and closing operations. Otherwise, it will cause severe valve wear, noise increase, or other serious consequences. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between the cam and the engine's power, torque output, and running smoothness.

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