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Inspection mode and identification mode
May 04, 2018

Electromagnetic chuck controller: After the AC voltage 380V is stepped down by the transformer, after the rectifier is rectified into 110V DC, the control device enters the sucker and the sucker is magnetized. When the magnet is demagnetized, it passes through the reverse voltage circuit and the controller reaches the demagnetization function.

Access controller: The access controller operates in two modes. One is an inspection mode, and the other is an identification mode. In the inspection mode, the controller continuously sends an inquiry code to the reader and receives a reply command from the reader. This mode will remain until the card reader senses the card. After the card reader senses the card, the card reader generates different responses to the controller's inspection command. In this reply command, the card reader transmits the sensed card code data that is read to the access controller, which enables the access control. The controller enters the recognition mode. In the identification mode of the access controller, the access controller analyzes the in-card code and compares it with the card data stored in the device, and performs subsequent actions. After the access controller finishes receiving the data, it will send a command to the card reader to restore the card reader. At the same time, the access controller will return to the inspection mode.

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