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Maximize pump life
May 04, 2018

As we all know, the role of the filter is to filter out the particulate matter in the oil, so that the cleanliness of the oil can meet the requirements of the pump and the life of the pump should be extended as much as possible. On both sides, the excavator accessory filter, especially the oil filter, is also used. There are also many risks associated with its use. One of the most important risks is that it causes poor suction, which causes the pump to vacuum and quickly become damaged. So, does it need to suck oil or not? I would like to talk about my own views in the following two aspects:

1. The requirements of the piston pump for oil

Everyone knows that the large particle size of the particulate matter damages the plunger pump of the excavator fittings. The gap between each pair of moving parts in the plunger pump is usually below 40 μm, and the 15 μm particles have the greatest damage. The suction filter cannot stop these particles. Piston pumps require that the oil cleanliness is usually above NAS 9 (high oil temperature requires a higher level of cleanliness) and the suction filtration cannot fulfill this requirement. To meet such cleanliness requirements, it should be ensured in the oil tank processing, piping installation of excavator parts, and early flushing, and later use of pressure oil filters. The use of an oil-absorbing filter can easily cause the suction pressure to be too low and the pump to become air-damaged. This can greatly reduce the life of the pump. Of course, some piston pumps can be added.

2: Classification of plunger pumps (according to the loop form)

According to the loop form, excavator parts plunger pumps can be divided into open, closed and semi-closed semi-open type. For an open plunger pump, it is recommended not to add a filter to the suction port. For a closed pump, since the oil absorption is through the charge pump, and the charge pump is usually a gear pump, the suction pressure requirement is not strict and an appropriate filter can be added. Usually the suction port uses a filter with a precision of 100 mesh or more, and the flow capacity is more than 2 times the pump flow.

Therefore, whether or not an excavator attachment plunger pump is to be equipped with an oil suction filter should first consider the form of a plunger pump. It must be remembered that the suction is not good enough to cause a vacuum, and finally cavitation occurs, which is fatal to the plunger pump.

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