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Reliable work, simple structure, easy to manufacture
May 04, 2018

The role of the oil pump in the lubrication system: The oil pump action is to force the oil to a certain pressure and then pressure it onto the moving surface of the engine components. Oil pump structure can be divided into gear type and rotor type. The gear oil pump is further divided into an internal gear type and an external gear type, and the latter is generally referred to as a gear type oil pump.

Used to increase the oil pressure and ensure a certain amount of oil, to force the parts to the friction surface of the oil. Internal combustion engine widely used gear and rotor type oil pump. Gear type oil pump simple structure, easy processing, reliable operation, long service life , Pump oil pressure is high, has been widely used Rotor pump rotor body complex, multi-use powder metallurgy suppression. This pump has the same advantages of the gear pump, but the compact structure, small size.

The gear oil pump is characterized by reliable operation, simple structure, easy manufacture and high oil pressure, so it is widely used.

When the engine is working, the driving gear on the camshaft drives the driving gear of the oil pump, so that the driving gear fixed on the driving gear shaft rotates to drive the driven gear to rotate in the opposite direction, and the oil is moved along the backlash from the oil inlet chamber. With the pump wall sent to the oil chamber. In this way, a low pressure is generated at the oil inlet chamber and a suction force is generated, and the oil in the oil pan is sucked into the oil chamber. As the main and driven gears continue to rotate, the oil is continuously pumped to the desired location.

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