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The top part of the machine responsible for the rotation
May 04, 2018

The slewing ring is an important part responsible for the rotation of machinery such as engineering machinery, food machinery, and solar energy rotary equipment. Usually speaking, the slewing bearing is a complete component. The slewing bearing assembly is an assembled slewing bearing that can be used directly. overall.

The slewing bearing assembly is an unwritten name because the slewing ring is originally a complete assembly. Her use is independent, and in some applications it will need some auxiliary parts, but it is relative to most of the industry. It is an independent existence.

Each component has its basic structure construction and related construction principles. This is even more true for the mechanical components such as the slewing ring. The basic structure and construction principle of the slewing bearing are explained in detail below. To help everyone understand the concept of slewing ring assembly.

In fact, the slewing bearing and other ordinary bearings are all the same, both have rolling elements and rings with raceways, but the difference is that the slewing bearing has many different characteristics:

1. The size of the slewing ring is larger, its diameter is usually 0.2-10 meters, and some diameters are larger than 40 meters.

2. The slewing bearing generally has to bear several aspects of the load, not only to bear the axial force, radial force, but also to withstand a large overturning moment. Therefore, a set of slewing bearings often play the role of several sets of ordinary bearings.

3. The running speed of the slewing ring is very low, usually about 50 rev/min. In many cases, the slewing bearing does not operate continuously but only rotates back and forth within the angle, which corresponds to the so-called "swinging bearing".

4, in the materials and heat treatment processes and other manufacturing processes, slewing bearings and rolling bearings are also very different.

5. In general, a slewing bearing is provided with a ring gear for rotation driving and a dustproof sealing device.

6. Different installation methods, the slewing bearing is not mounted on the mandrel like an ordinary bearing and is installed in the bearing box. Instead, the slewing bearing is fixed on the upper and lower bearings by screws.

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