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Adequate, Clean, No Leakage
May 04, 2018

Synchronous motor for generator operation. It is the most commonly used alternator. In the modern power industry, it is widely used in hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power and diesel power generation. Since the synchronous generator generally adopts DC excitation, when its stand-alone operation is independent, the voltage of the generator can be easily adjusted by adjusting the excitation current. If it is incorporated into the grid operation, the voltage cannot be changed because it is determined by the grid. At this time, the result of adjusting the excitation current is to adjust the power factor and reactive power of the motor.

The stator and rotor structure of the synchronous generator is the same as that of the synchronous motor, generally adopting the three-phase form, and the armature winding adopts single-phase only in some small synchronous generators.

1. Before starting, you should check whether the fuel tank is full of oil and there are no oil leaks at all the oil pipes and fittings.

Whether the amount of cooling system water is sufficient, clean, no leakage, and whether the fan belt is tight is suitable. Check the internal combustion engine and the generator drive part should be connected reliably, the output line conductor insulation is good, the instrument is complete and effective.

2. After starting, it should run for 3 to 5 minutes at a low speed. After the temperature and oil pressure roller are normal, the operation can be started. There should be no abnormal noise in the speed increase of the generator, and the brush on the slip ring and the commutator is in good contact with no jumping and sparking phenomenon. Until the operation is stable, the frequency and voltage can reach the rated value before they can supply power to the outside.

3. When abnormal noise, odor, sudden rise in water temperature, and sudden drop in oil pressure occur during operation, stop the machine immediately to check and troubleshoot.

4. The generator power factor must not exceed the late phase (lag) of 0.95. The frequency range of variation must not exceed 0.5 Hz.

5. Shut off the main switch of each power supply shunt before shutting down, gradually reduce the load, then cut off the main switch of the generator power supply, and return the excitation varistor to the maximum position of the resistor, so that the voltage is reduced to the minimum value, and then cut off the excitation switch and The point-to-point grounding switch finally stops the operation of the internal combustion engine.