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Good Lubrication And Cooling
May 04, 2018

The cylinder liner should have sufficient strength, rigidity and heat resistance, and should also have good wear resistance. Work should have good lubrication and cooling.

The cylinder liner is generally made of phosphorus-containing or boron-containing wear-resistant alloy cast iron, such as HT25-47 and HP-CuCrMo. The inner surface of the cylinder liner is sometimes chrome plated (a chrome plated hole, a chrome plated oil storage grid), and nitrided or phosphatized to improve wear resistance. The hardness of the inner surface of the cylinder liner is usually greater than HB200, and it has a good match with the piston ring hardness. The inner surface should also have an appropriate roughness, so that it has a certain oil storage capacity and running-in performance. The inner surface should have sufficient roundness and cylindricity accuracy, and the mounting support facing the center of the inner hole should have a higher positional accuracy.

The inner surface of the cylinder is easily worn due to the effect of high temperature and high pressure gas and contact with the high speed moving piston. In order to improve the wear resistance of the cylinder and prolong the service life of the cylinder, there are different cylinder structure forms and surface treatment methods. There are three types of cylinder structure: no cylinder type, dry cylinder type, wet cylinder type.

No cylinder-jacketed body is a body without any cylinder liners. The cylinders are machined directly on the body. The advantage is that the cylinder center distance can be shortened, and the body size and mass can be reduced. But the cost is higher.