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Regularly Lubricate The Bearing With Oil, Check Carefully
May 04, 2018

The working principle of the starter can be explained by the principle of the main part of the DC motor. A DC motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and is based on the principle that a charged conductor is subjected to an electromagnetic force in a magnetic field. Its working principle is shown in the figure. Because the torque generated by one coil is too small and the rotational speed is not stable, in fact, many coils are wound around the armature of the motor, and the number of commutation pieces also increases correspondingly as the number of coils increases. This ensures that a sufficiently large torque and a stable rotational speed are produced.

We have already talked about some common breakdowns of the starter and the possible causes. Its life depends to a great extent on the use and maintenance of the driver. Then as a driver, how do you do a good job in the maintenance of the starter? What? The key to do the following:

1. Keep the wires in good contact, eliminate dirt and oxides at the contacts, and apply a small amount of Vaseline anti-corrosion to the contacts after connection;

2. In order to protect the battery, each start shall not exceed 5 seconds. The two start-ups shall be separated by 2 minutes. After three starts, the failure shall be eliminated and then started again;

3. Depress the clutch pedal when starting and hang the transmission to neutral;

4, after the engine fire, immediately release the starter switch to reduce motor idle and one-way clutch wear;

5. Regularly lubricate the bearing with oil, pay attention to check the contact condition of the moving contact plate and the static contact;

6. When it is found that there are teeth hitting and smoking during start-up, it is necessary to diagnose and rectify the fault in time and start it again.

7. When there is no start, the distance between the end face of the drive gear and the end face of the flywheel ring gear should be 2.5-5mm, which can be adjusted by the spacer between the fixed flange and the engine seat.

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