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Simple Structure, Small Size And Light Weight
May 04, 2018

Simple structure, small size, light weight, large amount of oil. The cycloid rotor pump adopts a structure in which the inner and outer rotors are meshed. The number of teeth is small and the structure size is compact. A sealed chamber can be formed without using other isolating elements, and the number of parts thereof is small.

Smooth operation, low noise. The number of rotor teeth inside and outside the cycloidal rotor pump is only one tooth. When they do relative movement, the tooth surface slide speed is small, and the mesh point continuously moves along the tooth profile of the inner and outer rotors. Therefore, the wear of the two rotor tooth surfaces is small. Because the enveloping angle of the oil sucking chamber and the oil draining chamber is large, close to 145°, the oil sucking and oil draining time are relatively sufficient. Therefore, the oil flow is relatively stable, the motion is relatively stable, and the noise is significantly lower than the gear pump.

High speed characteristics. For the general involute gear pump, if the rotation speed is too high, the centrifugal force will cause insufficient filling of the valleys to form "holes", which will degrade the efficiency of the pump. Therefore, the rotation speed rarely exceeds 3,000 rpm. Within 5~6m/s. For the cycloidal rotor pump, the range of suction and discharge angle is large. When rotating at high speed, the effect of centrifugal force is conducive to the filling of oil in the tooth valley, and no harmful “cavitation” phenomenon will occur. Therefore, the rotational speed range of the cycloid rotor pump It can be changed from a few hundred to nearly ten thousand.