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The Use Of Features Greatly Improved
May 04, 2018

The Piston Ring is a metal ring for inserting inside the piston groove. The piston ring is divided into two types: compression ring and oil ring. The compression ring can be used to seal the combustible gas mixture in the combustion chamber; the oil ring is used to scrape excess oil from the cylinder.

The piston ring is a metal elastic ring that has a large outward expansion and is assembled into the profile and its corresponding annular groove. The reciprocating and rotating piston ring, depending on the pressure difference of gas or liquid, forms a seal between the outer surface of the ring and the cylinder and one side of the ring and ring groove.

Piston rings are widely used in a variety of power machinery, such as steam engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, compressors, hydraulic presses, etc., and are widely used in automobiles, trains, ships, and yachts. The piston ring is generally installed in the ring groove of the piston. It is composed of piston, cylinder liner, cylinder head and other components to make work in the chamber.

The piston ring is the core component inside the fuel engine. It completes the sealing of the fuel gas with the cylinder, piston, cylinder wall, etc. Commonly used car engines are diesel and gasoline engines. Because of their different fuel performance, the piston rings used are not the same. Early piston rings were formed by casting, but with the advancement of technology, steel high-power piston rings were born. , And with the continuous improvement of engine functions and environmental requirements, various advanced surface treatment applications, such as thermal spraying, electroplating, chrome plating, gas nitriding, physical deposition, surface coating, zinc-manganese phosphating, etc. The function of the piston ring is greatly improved.